TIJ High-Resolution Printers

  • HP TIJ 2.5 Technology
  • Industrial design
  • Easy to use and maintenance-free
  • 7 diferentes modelos a elegir.

CIJ Inkjet printers

  • Non-contact high-speed industrial printers
  • The lowest-power dating system on the market

TTO Thermal Transfer Printer

  • Patented industrial design that offers high performance with little maintenance .
  • 300dp print quality
  • Large format storage capacity in the printer's internal memory

 Repuestos para Impresoras CIJ

  • Variedad
  • Calidad
  • Precio



Inks, additives and solvents

We are distributors of NEEDHAM-INK products for the Dominican Republic, with which we offer an alternative of high-quality Inkjet supplies, imported from the United Kingdom (UK) and 100% compatible with your printer


DOD Printer

  • Unique in-line ink system.
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Intuitive keyboard for ease use.
  • Automatic Date Codes
  • 12 languages available

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